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What We Do

Our Mission

The Texas Locksmiths Association provides support for its members through continuing education classes held throughout the state, and our annual conference and trade show.

Our goal is to assist members in growing their businesses, improving their public image, and providing continuing education on a variety of topics of interest to the members.

The Texas Locksmiths Association also provides scholarship funds for deserving sons and daughters of its members. The funds are awarded on an annual basis, and renewals are possible.

Our Mission Statement:

  • Continued Education: To increase the knowledge, experience, and skill of members through courses of instruction, discussion groups, and seminars.
  • Public Service: To develop a higher standard of public service and security.
  • Reputation: To improve the image and prestige of the locksmith and his family in the community.
  • Cooperation: Promoting a spirit of cooperation among locksmiths of all races, creeds, and national origins, with the goal of better and more professional service to the public.
  • Advocacy: To champion legislation through lobbying efforts which will favorably affect the locksmithing trade on behalf of its members.
  • Scholarship: The Texas Locksmiths Association provides scholarship funds for deserving children of its members. The funds are awarded on an annual basis, and renewals are possible.

Organizational Structure

The association is governed by a board of directors. These members are not paid for their services despite their long hours and personal expense.

The Board, along with persons representing the general membership, plan the annual conference and trade show and maintain relations with the associate members.

Associate members are those in the profession who provide products or services used by locksmiths.

Member Communications

The Association publishes a monthly bulletin, the TEXAS LOCKSMITHS ADVISOR. This publication offers updates, information on classes/events, interesting articles, and technical tips for all locksmiths. The Texas Locksmiths Association maintains this web site and all electronic communications with members.

Community Service

The Texas Locksmiths Association is involved in public education about the profession. If you would like a speaker to talk with your group, contact the president.

Legislative Relations

The Texas Locksmiths Association monitors legislation, licensing, and regulation to look after the interests of locksmiths in Texas.

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