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Access Key And Security
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Access Key And Security, a San Antonio Locksmith.

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Home security is one of the most important issues on the minds of most Americans today. With so many options available, it can become very confusing to choose the right protection for your family and belongings. We are a real and licensed residential locksmith, so we can offer you a variety of services. Our job is to figure out which service is right for you. The first step towards making a good decision about the safety of those you love is to understand how each service works.

Lock Rekey & Repair

Rekeying your existing locks to work with a new key is a convenient and affordable option to replacing the locks entirely.

Tinkering with locks is our favorite thing to do, there’s nothing that makes a locksmith happier than when we repair a lock. That being said, it is wise to make a change to the door locks on your home after a burglary or act of vandalism. That change can range from either a full replacement, a repair, or a basic lock rekey. The least expensive alternative to replacing door locks is to rekey locks. In this process, we would re-pin or reconfigure the interior bitting/pins of the lock cylinder, so that any previous keys no longer work in the lock. This is a quick process and is a great option if your keys have fallen into the wrong hands, if you’ve bought a new house, or if you’ve loaned out keys recently.

Lock Installation & Replacement

Proper lock installation is crucial for a safe home, whether it is new or just new to you. At Access Key Services, our experts professionally install a wide variety of lock styles to provide your home with the optimum level of security. It’s not just about how the lock is pieced together out of the box, it’s also about how the door and frame are prepped, and the quality of the lock that is installed.

Deadbolt Lock Install

Deadbolts are the main line of defense for many homes. These locks offer an extra level of protection for your entry doors. Unlike a doorknob with a spring-loaded latch, a deadbolt cannot be pushed back/retracted easily or unlocked unless the correct key is rotated. These locks should be on every exterior door either in single sided or double sided. Fun fact: having a deadbolt on your exterior doors can save you money on your homeowners’ insurance.

Access Key Service can install many types of residential smart locks.

Smart Locks are a convenient, modern alternative to traditional deadbolts.

Smart Lock Installation

Smart locks typically reuse the existing deadbolt lock hole in your door. Brands such as Schlage, Kwikset, Nest, Yale, and August lock act like deadbolts in that they actuate the bolt work, only electronically. Besides allowing keyless entry, most smart locks send you alerts and keep track of whoever enters or leaves the home. You can email limited access passes to guests and trusted family or friends and remotely lock and unlock the doors when you are out of town.

Digital Door Locks

Digital locks are great for homes of large families, due to the reliable access they provide without using keys. They are a quick, affordable option to consider if losing keys is an issue, also.

High-Security Locks

For the highest level of protection, a high-security lock offers the most resistance to forced entry, lock bumping, or lock picking. While no lock is unbreakable, the purpose of high-security locks is to make breaking in difficult enough to be too time-consuming or expensive to attempt.

Whether you need to install high-security locks, replace door locks, or are simply locked out of the house, only a skilled locksmith can provide the level of quality your home deserves.

Letting an expert take control of your home security issues comes with many benefits to the homeowner. First, with a certified, insured, and registered house locksmith in charge, you are guaranteed quality service. Their experience and knowledge about installing and repairing locks work to your advantage, ensuring the most reliable and updated techniques are employed.

For over 30 years, Access Key Services has been protecting homes right here in San Antonio, Texas. We offer a comprehensive list of residential locksmith services to repair, replace, or unlock the door locks on your home.

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